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    Lianna is the daughter of Guardian/Zamaron culture & member of the Omega Men. She is a child who's abilities and stature have been advanced to enormous levels.

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    Summary of Lianna

    When Green Lantern Kyle Rayner resurrected the Guardians of the Universe as children, he brought 50% of them back as females. Lianna somehow accelerated her own growth, becoming an adult of Amazonian stature, but not emotionally. Lianna has all the powers of an adult Guardian, plus superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, as well as electro-magnetic abilities she picked up during an encounter with Lady Styx. The source of her altered appearance and abilities has been revealed to come from the heartstone, a fraction of the gem that began the universe. Mother Zed was a Zamaron and member of a holy order. She became Lianna's major parental figure and kept her out of Lady Styx's clutches. After the death of Mother Zed, Lianna decides to officially join the Omega Men.

    Character Origin:

    Child's play

    During his time as Ion, Kyle resurrected the Guardians of the Universe giving life to his former mentors..... as children. Some Guardians were boys, and others girls, though they were all raised by the Adult Guardians and Zamarons. Lianna was like any of the other child Guardians until she found a gem, the Heart stone of Creation. She touched the stone and practiced using her powers (something advised against by Kyle) and the combination triggered her physical evolution into an Amazon with powers far beyond her expectations.

    The power of the crystal wipes her mind and sends Lianna teleporting uncontrollably. Lianna landed on a world where there was chaos and war, 2 things Guardians are enemies of. Attempting to rid them of wars & bring peace, her powers instead shook the planet and brought the population to its knees. Lianna's power caused 5 Hurricane force electrical storms & massive Earthquakes across the globe (along with power outages for half the world). She hid in shame of her deeds but didn't know how to correct them, so she hid until recruitment was called in to challenge her, Kyle & Jade.

    Daughter of the Guardians
    Daughter of the Guardians


    Upon seeing this giant blue woman, Kyle attempts to talk her out of an encounter... an attempt that fails. Lianna dominated the amped lanterns and brutally destroyed them and their constructs. They tried to fly away but Lianna drained the energy from both their rings (a feat Kyle seems impossible) and has them land unconscious and completely at her mercy. She picks Kyle's limp body up by the throat and stares at him... Lianna says the one word she can remember.... Kyle.

    Still in a daze, she locks them both up and stares at their unconscious forme trying to remember who or where she comes from... why she looks like none of the inhabitants and why she remembers Kyle. He awakens and begins rambling to her while she stares blankly, remembering one joke she finishes his sentence and says his name. Shocked she knows his name, he asks how and she starts to recall him picking her up and her Father figure Ganthet before crying. She wants to go home badly but has no idea how. He comforts her and she almost frees him until the Planet's government write Kyle off as dead and begin their assault in Lianna. She comes out the cave an destroys their army easily, so they pull out a Nuke point blank and shoot it at her... which she catches. Kyle, helpless to stop her, gets free and asks her not to destroy 300 miles of city whil but luckily Ganthet comes and rids her of the nuke. Baffled by her new power, Ganthet takes them all to Oa and they plan their new course of action.

    Child with the powers of a god
    Child with the powers of a god

    What the future holds

    Now reunited with the Guardians and her family on Oa, Lianna is at peace until a new threat arises and the Green Lanterns are called to stand against it. Still just a child but with precognition and understanding beyond her years, she teleports in front of Kyle and tells him to stop. Lianna explains that his actions now may actually hurt the very people he sought to protect, but given she didn't explain how he rushes off like the hero he is. Later he is faced with Stopping the "Blind", an infinitely dense weapon that can cause supernovas in stars and alter time itself. He is almost killed trying to intervene but Lianna comes in and stops destiny, saving Kyle while he saves the day. He gloats about how her Omen didnt happen and she points that every action effects elsewhere in the universe..... which sink deep into him.

    Later, Oa itself is targeted by the Blind and the baby Guardians are forced to all handle infinitely dense matter being shot at their Sun repeatedly. Kyle is sent to stop the machine making them, but first Lianna insists that Kyle make a recording to Jade just in case he doesn't make it back. He scoffs at the idea.... but does so just in case. Lianna takes the recording to Jade (defeating John Stewart who mistakes her for a threat), and while Jade is initially conflicted, she makes a recording as well. Lianna led the defense force and even held one of the Blinds off herself, but to get to the root of the problem Kyle needed to shut the machine down ASAP. He does so, but at nearly the cost of his own life, a fate Lianna teleports to witness but painfully let's happen (luckily he survives).

    Lianna, electromagnetic dynamo
    Lianna, electromagnetic dynamo

    Chosen by the Universe

    Choosing to go to Earth, Lianna becomes a nun with her Zamaron mom to live a normal life among normal people and gain humility. While on Earth, the group is targeted by a Dark matter spider with the power to control immense amounts of gravity and the Zamaron mother is killed. Too shocked to attack, she gets her stone 'Heart of Creation' taken and they leave shortly after leaving Lianna in the hands of would be rescuers the Omega men. Choosing to go with them, she reveals the stone helped transform her from a baby Guardian to the Woman body she has. They realize the attacker is Lady Styx who desires to destroy all Gods and rebuild the Universe in her image using the 4 elements of the Universe, which they each represent.

    Lianna travels into the Labyrinth of Lady Styx and encounters both her stone and the Spider again (who now has her own stone of Dark Matter/Gravity). The 2 duel until Lianna kills her assailant and shows the world the Spider is no one to worship. Lady Styx bonds to Lianna and the 4 other elements and uses them to break down the current Universe and create a new one, old Gods were killed and the Universe was well on it's way to being Lady Styx's except for an extra wielder of the Dark Matter/ Gravity aspect surprising her. The 4 elements manage to overcome Lady Styx and she is forced to live inside the Dark Matter elemental who killed Styx. Lianna stays with the group, hoping to learn more and grow with the team.

    Lianna holds off infinitely dense black hole that would cause the sun to go Supernova
    Lianna holds off infinitely dense black hole that would cause the sun to go Supernova

    Powers and abilities:

    As a Guardian with the tutelage of a warrior Zamaron, Lianna is immensely powerful even without the hearthstone that accelerated her abilities:

    • Defeats Ion Kyle & Jade at the same time, their offensive Constructs break upon striking her.
    • Actually drains both their rings to zero, a feat Kyle deemed impossible given his amp
    • Causes a world to literally shake on accident. 5 Hurricane force electrical storms & Earthquakes that rocked the planet
    • Catches a nuke fired at her point blank, of course flies through tanks & wrecks stations
    • Can hold the Blind back, infinitely dense matter that can accelerate time and cause Suns to go Supernova in moments.
    • John Stewart tries to restrain her in a cage and she alters his green energy to put him in a cage faster than he realizes.
    • Teleports on front of Jade who was going from Earth to the moon in 1 panel, also can teleport others.
    • Can either heal immediately from stabbing or disintegrates the blade upon impact, she was unfazed.
    • Absolutely murders the black stars all at once, tanking their combined attacks before destroying them all.
    • Kills the Spider of Dark Matter & gravity with her bare hands. This spider had a Universal artifact.

    With het Heart of Creation, she is able to dissolve the matter of the Universe in order to remake another Universe.


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