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    The Earth-Six royal family of meta-humans' Lord Volt and Lady Quark, had one daughter (a plant elemental named Liana). The Anti-Monitor's unstoppable anti-matter wave dissipated her and the Earth-Six universe from existence.

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    Liana is a character created by Marv Wolfman for the, 12-issue, Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series and first appeared in issue #4 of that series, published in July, 1985. Liana "Princess Fern", later returns to print some thirty years later as DC Comics publishes Multiversity and Convergence in 2015, a project written by Grant Morrison to bring back the long history of DC Comics.


    Pre-Crisis: Earth-6

    Princess of the green
    Princess of the green

    Pariah arrives on Earth-6 during his forced dimensional traveling just in time to see it die. The world of Earth-6 history lies in that the United States lost the Revolutionary War and have a powerful royal families which govern the near-future world. The royal monarch consists of Lord Volt, his consort Lady Quark and their daughter Princess Fern.

    Traveling through in the sky the two powerful royals oversee the disaster as they notice Pariah appear. Lord Volt settles close to Pariah and putting his arm on Pariahs shoulder is assaulted by a re-verb of his own power. Lady Quark quickly comes to his side as the anti-matter comes closer. Pariah attempts to tell him how their world is ending however Lord Volt assumes Pariah is the cause of his world's destruction.

    Princess Fern, the daughter of Lord Volt and Lady Quark than attacks Pariah. With the power to grow plants in an amazing rate and control their actions she tries to hold off the anti-matter wave. Her parents refer to her as Liana, her real name. Princess Fern and Lord Volt are both killed by the anti-matter wave. Pariah decides to save Lady Quark from destruction, forcibly carrying her away.

    Multiversity: Earth-48

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    In Grant Morrison's Multiversity series, Liana, her mother Lady Quark and her husband, Lord Volt, appear as residents of Earth-48 of the New 52's modified DC Multiverse. This is an adaption of Earth-6, Earth-48 is a fusion of the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Earth-Six and Warworld which is 52's new Earth-48. Liana, her mother Lady Quark, Lord Volt are still members of Earth-48's royal family, much as they were on Earth-Six.

    Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax

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    During the Hal Jordan is Parallax and Kyle Rayner is the Green Lantern trying to stop him from committing genocide in their battle against Princess Fern of Electropolis. Princess Fern and Rayner come to an agreement and he attempts to stop Parallax from attacking Electropolis. However she hesitates at first but the High Council is requested by Rayner to recall Princess Fern and her troops from the battle. The Prime Minister accepts however actually lies to Rayner and than the General orders the Princess to decimate Metropolis in revenge.

    As Drones zap Hal until he breaks his concentration. Kyle isn’t too pleased with the underhanded tactic but he seizes the opportunity to reason with his former mentor. Jordan is just lucid enough to perform one more heroic deed and decides to fight in Rayner's place. Rayner is forced back to Metropolis which works in favour of that city and Telos determines that the first round goes to the megalopolis. As Princess Fern and her army are transported away Telos announces that Electropolis has been destroyed by Parallax.

    Vital Statistics

    Height: 5' 6"

    Weight: 108 lbs

    Hair: White

    Eyes: Brown

    Power and Abilities

    Liana is a plant elemental with the meta-human ability to grow plants at an exhilarated rate bringing them to enormous sizes. She also can control their actions and bend them to her will. Princess Fern is also trained in military tactical combat and have commanded several platoons of soldiers into combat.


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