Liana Kerzner

    Character » Liana Kerzner appears in 24 issues.

    Liana Kerzner is an exotic dancer that is physically identical to the former Fury known as Knockout. She is currently in a relationship with Scandal Savage.

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    Liana Kerzner was originally hired by Deadshot and Catman of the Secret Six to attempt to cheer up Scandal Savage after her lover, Knockout, was killed. After Scandal was cheered up a bit, Liana was revealed to work at Superior's, a strip club. She later meets Scandal at a supermarket and they double-date with Deadshot and Jeannette. Liana eventually becomes Scandal's new girlfriend. Liana is shown to have a cousin who plays bass in a band.


    Liana was kidnapped by a man named Randall who harassed her at the strip club. He wanted her to say she was a "sinner", which she would never say. The Secret Six tracked them down and Scandal and the group killed Randall against Liana wishes.

    Before the group was taken down by a contingent of superheroes, Scandal proposed to Liana and Knockout. The ladies accepted but it is not clear if a ceremony occurred.


    Liana is named after a Toronto cosplayer and wife of Canadian television personality Ed The Sock, Liana K.


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