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Liam was born in 1186 and at some point joined The Order of the Spoken Flame. In 1210 he was given the charge of watching over The Garden of Spires. It's uncertain whether he was born in a pocket universe where The Garden of Spires also is, or if he arrived there later upon being given his duty. He can cross over into the Dakotaverse (Or DCU) by projecting his spirit into a dead body, or even just parts of various dead bodies. He can take a living host, but chooses not to, as he would be tempted to remain, thus effectively killing the host's soul. However, while he does this, his regular body is completely defenseless. He is accompanied by several mechanical animal companions, as well as his horse Clarise. He cares deeply for them. It is implied that he is relatively immortal, or at least cannot die of old age. Apparently, at some point, The Order of the Spoken Flame was ready in case Boraxis Megatheros escaped, and would have for Liam a sword made by God himself to slay the giant. The Order was supposedly long since gone and forgotten, but Liam claimed he felt the presence of the fabled blade in the city.
For nearly 800 years, he guarded The Garden without incident, until Dr. Sugarman summoned the spire back into the real world. He first attempted to crossover by crafting a body of mean and leather, among other dead animal parts. This was awkward, unwieldy, and not to mention far too conspicuous. He was torn apart by Lesion Dogs, but rescued by Catholic Girl. An innocent bystander was caught in the middle and killed, thus creating a new host body for Liam. He then met Nun of the Above and explained his story to her. She was skeptical at first, having not even heard of The Order of the Spoken Flame, but agreed to aid him, as their goals aligned. As the day goes by, his host body starts to decay, and after aiding Julian Parker and Rabbi Sinnowitz in resealing Boraxis, he passes back into the Garden of Spires. When he arrives, he finds his companions dead, and his own throat slit. He laments the death of his only friends for over 700 years, but resigns himself to die peacefully, his charge fulfilled.

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