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Powers and Abilities

Li Raichi is the daughter of a Yami master of drunken boxing and has shown herself to be a high class disciple of the same discipline. When first introduced Li Raichi was able to effectively fight various members of the Shinpaku alliance including Kisara Nanjo, Siegfried, and Ukita as well as giving Kenichi a hard fight. Li Raichi's speed, strength, and stamina are pretty high when compared to a normal person, but are average when compared to other high class disciples. Li Raichi has shown excellent agility which goes with her style being able to flip, stumble, roll, and get around various opponents, even in a group setting. Raichi is also not above dirty fight seen when she grabbed Ukita between the legs.


  • Choukarou - Raichi turns and strikes her opponent's face and chest at the same time using her fist and her foot.
  • Kanshoushi - Raichi performs a kanshoushi stance and strikes her opponent.
  • Ransaiwa - Raichi performs a backwards strike to her opponent's stomach, then turns and grabs her opponents legs and tosses them onto the ground.
  • Tonkon Tuitoui Throw - A technique that is useful against submission holds. Raichi breaks free from the hold by jumping up in front of the opponent, then delivers a powerful kick to the opponent's face.

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