Lex Luthor's Warsuit

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    A suit of powered armor worn by Lex Luthor when engaging in a direct confrontation with the enemy.

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    Bronze Age

    Lex's original suit
    Lex's original suit

    Lex utilized a war suit throughout the Bronze age, with the suit becoming one of his trademarks. It had a green and purple color scheme and allowed Lex go fight Superman on a relatively even ground.

    This Bronze age suit was last seen, along with Earth-One Lex, in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Typical for its time it was designed with a garish red / green colour scheme that would be given more satisfying tones in modern times.

    This suit reappeared in Identity Crisis 2 beinge held by two street thugs.


    Modern Age Suit
    Modern Age Suit

    The new battle suit was first unveiled when in Man of Steel, where a prototype armor lex had been working on while under contract by the NASA space program.

    The suit however was extremely developmental and had several design flaws, such as a faulty neurosynaptic link up which left the wearer of the suit brain dead after an hours use. To which Lex could use a disposable ex-employee as a means to escalate his feud with the alien superhero.

    While at the same time claiming amnesty. As the armor and all of its Lexcorp owned components had been filed under stolen by the company owner as to avert blame.

    Lex's suit would make a comeback in Superman/Batman #5, When president Luthor, revealed to be a criminal and gone mad from using the venom drug, uses

    Post Crisis suit
    Post Crisis suit

    it to attack Superman and Batman. The Heroes manage to defeat Luthor, although he disappears via a boom tube.

    This armor was apparently created by Darkseid for Lex. It retains the color scheme of the silver age version, but is much more bulky and angular in appearance.

    After the Infinite Crisis Lex made some changes to the suit, making it less boxy and more rounded, as well as upgrading it further.. This version of the suit is still in use.

    New 52

    In the wake of New 52 universe 3 versions of the suit have appeared.

    First Warsuit

    No Caption Provided

    The first appearance of Lex Warsuit is in New 52 is Action Comics 17. Despite being stuck in an inhospitable prison Luthor created a improvised radio-telepathy circuit to take control of a battle robot to save Superman from the threat of Superdoom,because he's the only one that have right to killed him.

    After Superdoom destroyed part of the armor, Lex loses control of it and apparently seems to be downed due to the mind link being broken.

    Second Warsuit

    No Caption Provided

    A second and bulky armor was presented in Action Comics 20,when Luthor infected Superman with a mutagenic virus that contact with his Kryptonian biology eventually become a semi-sentient creature that replicate itself using Metropolis citizens.

    Lex planned to get rid of the creature and blame Superman for its appearance and thus become a hero of the city.

    Third Warsuit

    The third armor appears in Forever Evil 2 and it's very similar to the armor that appears in Black Ring storyline.

    No Caption Provided

    Fourth Warsuit

    No Caption Provided

    The most modernized version of Lex's battle fatigues came in the form of a long coat with gauntlets and glasses accompanying a hover disc.

    Weapons and Abilities


    The suit employs Human, Apokoliptian and Kryptonian technology. It is incredibly powerful capable of going toe to toe with Superman, at least for a while. It grants its wearer enhanced strength and durability. It has powerful shields which cover the whole body, protecting the seemingly exposed head, and can sustain several full-power punches from an enraged Superman. Energy blasts which Lex used to incinerate several OMACs at once. Advanced Jets in the boots allow for rapid flight.

    For battle with Superman, the suit can fire blasts of Kryptonite from it's right gauntlet. It has several variations of Kryptonite radiation, which are fired through the fingertips. Each finger fires a different kind of Kryptonite.

    The Suit also has an a blade in its right arm for close combat.

    New 52

    First armor: This not exactly a armor,but rather a robot armor that can be controlled via telepathy radio device. The few weapons shown are 50 caliber machine guns,short range missiles and flamethrowers.

    Second Armor: The second version is also created by Lex Luthor to get the best of Man of Steel,though he is weakened by red sun radiation and the Hybrid virus. This armor is equipped with sensor systems linked with Lexcorps computers and satellites,the weapons systems consists of short and long range missiles and electrical blasts.

    No Caption Provided

    The suit is durable enough to tank heat vision and blows from Superman.

    Inside the armor the user is covered by a energy shield,that besides protecting can be used as a weapon to cut durable objects and additionaly have a jet-pack to reach high altitudes in rapid flight.

    This is the unique suit that have a helmet.

    Third Armor: The new armor turned out to be far superior than the previous and as well as others don't have kryptonite based weapons,having originally non-lethal weapons and being further upgraded by Luthor. The armor is linked with Lexcorps computers and satellites on Earth and the hidden satellites in Jupiter's asteroid belt in order to acess high profiles agencies and governments computers.


    • Energy Blast
    • Electric Blast
    • Solar Engine
    • Hidden Blades
    • Energy Force Field
    • Fire Extinguisher


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