Why You Should Read Action Comics

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Are you currently reading Action Comics starring Lex Luthor? If not, shame on you! You’re missing out on one of the best superhero on-goings currently hitting shelves. Yes, I’m serious. Ever since Paul Cornell and Pete Woods stepped up to the creative plate to shine the spotlight on Metropolis’ always lovable ego-maniac, Lex Luthor, Action Comics has been absolutely stellar. It beats the pants off that drawn-out New Krypton saga, and makes for a great indirect sequel to Blackest Night--following Lex Luthor on a quest to once again harness the power he felt while wielding a Lantern Power Rings.

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First and foremost, what makes Action Comics standout is Paul Cornell’s amazing handle on the character of Lex Luthor. He’s still the arrogant, self-centered man on a power trip we’ve always known (and loved), yet Cornell is able to snugly inject his spot-on humor and wit into a serious Lex Luthor story and make it work, flawlessly. For example: Lex Luthor owning and making love to a robot Lois Lane. It might raise some serious psychological red flags, but this also, quite literally, shows how much Lex Luthor yearns to be Superman. He not only needs to be God of Metropolis, but he must also possess Superman’s girl.
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Most importantly, for a series starring one of the DC Universe’s greatest villains, Paul Cornell is able to make Luthor come off as a sympathetic anti-hero, not the cold, calculating narcissist we often see him as. He’s portrayed as a man with purpose and drive, yet very defensive in order to hide his laundry list of imperfections. That just sounds human to me. While the plot might be anything but grounded, Action Comics remains one hell of an interesting character study of Lex Luthor. It may even turn out to be one of the best ever.
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I also have to say, it’s good to finally have action back in my Action Comics. I think we can all agree the New Krypton saga--for those that were able to push through it all--was overly long and boring, lacking any real payoff for the years and dollars we invested in the story. Yet, in just six short issues, Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have put Lex Luthor through a psychological attack by Mr. Mind, a fistfight with Deathstroke, a run-in with Gorilla Grodd’s best “combat spoon,” a corporate takeover by the immortal Vandal Savage, and finally, a near death experience hosted by Sandman’s Death, herself. Action Comics, for the last six months, has been an idea factory. You want bang for your buck? Well, here it is!

Sadly, I don’t believe Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have much time left on Action Comics. Their story is finite, and I’m under the impression it’s coming to a close soon. Honestly, I have not missed Superman one bit in his debut series. Action Comics starring Lex Luthor has been a breath of fresh air that I welcomed, and now I don’t want it to slip away. Maybe a letter to DC is in order, one where I throw an eloquently written hissy fit, acting like a child who refuses to leave the store until his parents give in to his demands.

But you can do your part too! If you haven’t checked out Action Comics by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods, do yourself a favor and pick up what’s out there thus far (Action Comics #890-895, Action Comics Annual #13). You won’t be disappointed. But if you are, beware of Grodd’s combat spoon, cause it’s coming for you. I’m a man of my word. 
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Excellent article! I think I'll pick this up.

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i might just pick this up.. great article

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Bar far, my absolute fav book on the shelves right now.
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Never liked Lex Luthor only liked the Azzarello and Bermejo series but other then that I think he is a overrated character. I'll give Cornell a chance when Issue 900 comes out when Superman is in this book again. 

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Might pick this one up! good article

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I agree this book is criminally underrated. If I had the cash to be following any comics regularly, this would definitely be at the top of the pull list.

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Sorry...but no Superman no buy for me

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I've been loving this book...it's great...there isn't much else to say about it that Erik didn't

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Always loved Action comics and having Lex Luthor in the starring role for the past few issues has been a very welcome change to the boring Kryptonian story arc. 
Also the fact he casually just strolls around with his sex doll version of Lois Lane is hilarious to me. Instead of accepting that Lois Lane doesn't have romantic interests in him he just has a robot version of her instead. Talk about a man that gets what he wants :S

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Great article, but I thought the comic was good enough to speck for itself.

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this is an awesome arc.

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Great article. I agree with this completely. Since Cornell started, he's put the Action back in Action Comics. A great run so far. I do like Grounded so far, well issues 701-703. Issue 704 was poor and #705 was only just a decent read. But it's nice to play off Grounded with this fun treasure hunt story

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i've been slightly interested in checking this out.  i havn't made tha effort yet tho.  i'll prolly grab what i can from my lcs and order tha rest.

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@NightFang said:
" Great article, but I thought the comic was good enough to speck for itself. "
Yea, my article doesn't do all of Cornell's Action stuff justice. It needs to be read! But for those that haven't read any of the issues, I thought I would fill them in on what they're missing. 
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thanks i will be picking them up, if there are any left 
i got the one with death i think i will track down the other one before i read it

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I agree. i gave up Action last year and started to pick it up again once Flame drip and Nigthnitwit left the pages.   It is a great read.  But with 900 fastly aproching i bet Supe's will be back.
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Loved the arc that wrapped up at the end of October, Lex is way more of an interesting character than Kal

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Yeah, the Lex arc is set to continue to #899, and Cornell has said in interviews that he gets to continue beyond then with some Superman stories. Should be awesome, if he can stay this creative (and his track record says he can).

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 Sadly, I don’t believe Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have much time left on Action Comics. Their story is finite, and I’m under the impression it’s coming to a close soon.     

That's what bugs me so much (one of several) about new/modern comics...(ever since trades became en vogue the big two) the creator team turnover is so high on a title (sure there are a few exceptions) it doesn't feel like anyone has the time/are allowed to evolve and fin their voice anymore.  Creative teams are slapped together and an editorial gun is put to their head to crank out the next 6-issue story that they can just lump into another meh TPB.
I don't read this title, but it does sound interesting. 
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@erik_norris: Oh, thats good to know because I was starting to think people weren't reading it.
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Kinda reminds me of the exploits of Booster Gold.

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This is the best Action has been since Johns left. Just read Action Annual #13. Cool story!
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@RemyLeBeau said:
" Might pick this one up! good article "
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Great write-up.
Action Comics is indeed an excellent book right now.

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Oh, this is book is fabulous!
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Sounds like something I should look into 

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It's been a pretty amazing series!
I'd prefer Supes to give this book to side-characters (I could see an arc for Lois or some other Super-related characters) and him staying in the monthly Superman book only.

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This article was just so good and well-written that I MIGHT be able to pick this up =D

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@Icemizer said:

" Spooooonnnn!! "

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Oh yes it is very good,  anyone who hasn't picked it up has no idea what they are missing (and by that they are missing a lot)!!  :)
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might have to check this out

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i gave up some runs i was pulling just so i could pull cornells action, one of the best books out on the stands right now, if cornell can make superman this good when he comes back, then im on this title for the long haul

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