Kevin Spacey On A 'Superman Returns' Sequel

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Someone wants to play 'Lex Luthor' again!

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 While I think many people were not too crazy about 'Superman Returns,' I think most of us can agree that Kevin Spacey did a fantastic job with his portrayal of ' Lex Luthor' in the film! Perhaps the reason his portrayal was so good is because he enjoyed the role as much as he did? In fact, he liked Lex so much that he would love a chance to reprise the role, based on what he said in a recent interview with MTV.

"If I ran Warner Brothers I could tell you definitively we’d be making that movie," Spacey told MTV News. "But I don’t, and they haven’t called me to tell me...Literally all I know is what I’ve heard from press reports...I can’t even confirm whether those are true or not because I haven’t spoken to Bryan [Singer]...I don’t know what the situation is," he explained. "If they do it again and Bryan directs, I’d be delighted to come along for the ride. But who knows?"

While I do feel that the likelihood of there being a sequel to the first film has increased with the recent changes at Warner Brothers, the fact that the film did not surpass it's budget of $270 million in domestic gross profits may mean that a sequel is rather unlikely. Realistically, how would a sequel to 'Superman Returns' fare at the box office, and what elements should be changed in order to make the film a success? Do you think DC could make a successful sequel, or is Superman far too dated for the 21st Century?
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Wow, the absolutely last person I ever want to see in another Superman movie....
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Kevin Spacey=God

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Wish I could say something on Spacey's interpretation of Luthor, but I avoided this movie like a plague. I seem to have a sixth sense for bad movies. I can normally tell when something is going to be bad. It's almost never wrong. Something about the idea of Superman quitting for a time really rubbed me the wrong way. I then heard he had a kid and was never around.
I just know that G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be, and the movie Euro Trip was a lot better then I could of imagined. A friend of mine actually knows the writers of Euro Trip and recommended it to me.
If they do make another Superman movie. It's time for a reboot. I think the reason why Superman movies tend to fail is that we never get to see him really go all out in a fight. The movies always put him against human villains or human-looking villains (ie Zod). It has been easier for animated movies to do it right.

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meh maybe
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This movie better have a REAL villain other than a Mountain of kryptonite

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@SUPER-MAN 23 said:
"This movie better have a REAL villain other than a Mountain of kryptonite "

There's a rumour that either Darkseid, Brainiac or Bizarro is getting the lead villain role.
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"Someone wants to play 'Lex Luthor' again!" 
 So? We dont all get what we want.  Why would they keep making movies about Superman? so he's "The Man of Steel". woot. who cares? audiences these days want realism and unfortunatly superman isnt very realistic.  He's too strong and fast and everything else.

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Of course a good superman movie can be made he's not outdated

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Superman is not outdated it's Hollywood's ideas of him that are.

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Never cared for Spacey as Lex Luthor. He seemed like a diminished little man with little to no real power. I mean come on, swindling some old lady for her death bed money? That's @ss wipe money for Lex, not the foundation of his empire lol. I always liked the JLA/Superman the animated series version of Lex.

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Yeah, the new Twilight (shudder) just set a record for the most money made in a single day in movie history. 
Doesn't seem your "realism" argument is holding up there.
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Superman just needs to be done right.  They need to get Grant Morrison to write a script.

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He was the best thing about Superman Returns. I would not mind seeing him as Lex again.

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I really do like Kevin Spacey but after watching so many Superman Animated Series and JLA episodes, I'd rather see or Clancy Brown tough as nails approach to Lex.  Or more grainy kind of guy.  Spacy does not come off tough in anything he does.
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@The Wretch:Twilight beat Dark Knight when it came to making the most money in a day, however The Dark Knight still came on top with the Best Opening Weekend gross, Twilight has 3rd place in that. Twilight was an event film and I'm sure will die off after the first two weekends and once Avatar comes out.
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I loved everything about Superman Returns but the whole thing with his kid. I didn'y hate it, it just felt unnessecary. I feel like it really got down to the essence of the character. The only reason I'd be hesitant to reboot it, though, is that you would probably lose Brandon routh, who I thought did a fine job, Bryan Singer, who seemed to understand the character, and Kevin Spacey, who is THE definitive Lex Luthor to me. Otherwise, I think it would be great to see a reboot with his origin and all that stuff.

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I'm down!

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well if they were going to go wrath of kahn with the sequel, I always wondered if that meant Superman's kid would be killed or something.
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i think he played a great lex luthor (or atleast on par with whoever played in the first movies). I think Michael Rosenbaum did an absolutely fantastci job playing a young luthor and i wouldnt mind seeing him play lex in a movie either
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I dont know how involved I want Lex to be in another Superman movie despite how well Kevin Spacey did.

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If this wasn't pretty much a remake and had given Lex a powersuit and bring in Brainiac and never had the kid. This movie would've been great I think.
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Love Kevin Spacey... hate Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.  
Not to take anything away from this great actor, but Lex Luthor is not a character he properly portrayed.
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I atcually didn't mind that movie, sure I don't know a thing about Superman but still good movie

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The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the kid and that was it, I didn't mind Lois having some other dude since Superman had been away and if my memory is correct, he didn't even say goodbye, so I can understand that and it also gave a new twist to the Sups and Lois thing. But I agree with G-Man, I thought Kevin was just amazing at this role.

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a new super man...... i want to watch it even theres a catwoman 2well is there

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If they market it well and have some amazing trailers, then I don't see why this movie won't sell.

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heres a cool idea thats been working in every other hero film.... how bout using a story from the comics? 
the only superman movie with elements directly out of the comics was the one with Zod.  
  so how about they stop making Lex the broke, underhanded bastard of the films and start making him the corporate  genious from the rich family? instead of giving us the same rehashed set of events chronicling his first day in metropolis, we see a movie about his DECISION to be superman. (Birthright anyone?)  
 honestly, i could even deal with them making changes to the original order of him meeting people if it was leading to something. superman saving John henry irons and getting his help later that same movie to help beat Metalo? how about Bibbo getting some recognition for the first time in like 10 years? 
 its the same problem over and over again. The people who make these movies dont have a 3d perspective of superman, and as a result they all make the same movie where superman is a god, then you introduce kryptonite/redsun/radiation and hes hurt for a minute/ then hes back and everything honky dory. Superman gets hit in fights! he bleeds when guys are strong enough (and most of HIS villains are strong enough). and he has more than one weakness. Magic. Radiation powers can take a toll. Future tech.  
 i think the next movie should focus more on introducing the people to more of what they may not know, rather than more of what they do. New characters. New Villains. Like X-men, they dont have to be the center of attention, they just have to have enough screen time that a superman reader can point to and say "thats Parasite." cuz all these other movies have had is Lex, Lois, Jimmy, and Superman. common! metropolis has more than 4 people in it who know superman!

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I do think Spacey as Luthor was the best thing about the movie, but I thought even he was pretty bad. The only Superman movie I actually like, though, is 3 just because it seems to realize how ridiculous it is, whereas the others are all in denial.

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@The Wretch: superman need a number 2 movie. he will never END
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@Grim: Bravo.  I'm standing and applauding right now.  The other people in the library look mad.
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Spacey's characterization was the best part of that movie.

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I know how they would make a sequel to Superman Returns work... have a villain that ISN'T Lex Luthor. Superman has alot of villains, so why is Lex Luthor the villain of every movie?! 
So who should it be? Brainiac?  Darkseid? Lobo? 
Oh, and get rid of Superman jr.

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i did not like him in the first one. he  was just DIFFERENT it bugged me it was an ok movie just need more
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I heard Brandon Routh isn't allowed to play Superman again. So it would be a bad idea to just go off from the last one.

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I would totally love for there to be a sequel but I'm really not sure how they would put things into a new light to make it better for audiences. Superman is a fantastic hero but it's really kind of hard to take great story arcs and turn them into something thats palatable for most movie goers.

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@Son_of_Magnus said:
" Kevin Spacey=God "
Wrong. Morgan Freeman is God. Kevin Spacey is just awesome.
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I do feel Superman Return's budget was a bit too much but I loved the film. 
And if Spacey is on board, then I'm all for this sequal. :D
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I want to see a can only get better.

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@Fuloqwam: lol. thanks. doesn't it just seem like the obvious thing to do?
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The one thing I loved about the movie Kevin Spacey portrayal of Lex Luthor. He could be the perfect Lex if he's written right.

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The only way a new superman movie would work is if they did a reboot like batman and make a slightly more dark version. And throw in a a new villain for a change. An epic movie with Superman vs. Doomsday would definately top the box office. But regardless i think Lex should be in the movie, just not as the main villain.

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If Lex Luthor is in the next Superman movie they should let Clancy Brown do it. He IS Lex Luthor! He's a very good actor and his portrayal  of Lex in the JLA /JLA Unlimited and the resent Superman/Batman animated movie is spot on. He gives Luthor the menace he's been missing. I like Kevin Spacey but I didn't buy him as Lex 

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A sequel to Superman Returns seems very unlikely.

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well, give him his wish

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He was the best thing about that film BS was the worst, new director new writers, then the followup 

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