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My old buddy Lex


Lex Luthor isn’t just one of my favorite villains, but my most favorite villain of all times. Maybe its because im balding myself and I choose to share my shiny bald head to the public and look serious at the same time, or crazy like Lex if I want to be. Me and Lex would go back when I would first see his snarling grin in that wonderful cartoon, The Super-Friends. What made me more interested in Lex Luthor was that out of all the villains he had to be a badguy for, it was Superman, of all people, Superman.

Hell, if I was crazy enough to think that I can stand one foot over Supermans defeated corpse in the most proudest way, that would be byfar the most greatest moment in a persons life,


“ I just took down Superman, I just took down a god ”


Maybe a little too much for high hopes, but with a couple screws loose in your head then that would be one hell of an task to accomplish.


History Lesson

Thats not Lex
Thats not Lex

Digging into the roots of this character for my video review, I was surprised to find out that not only this guy was created by mistake, but his character was designed before Superman made his first appearance into comics. Luthors character originated from a mad scientist in short story known as The Reign of Super-man ( NO, Superman wasn’t in this at all ).

When Siegel and Schuster would try to have a villain for Superman when he did make his comic appearance, they decided to create the same mad scientist from the Reign of Super-man short story and call him, The Ultra-Humanite.

Lex Luthor would make his first appearance in Action Comics #23 as criminal mastermind bent on world domination, having no personality of being a scientist at all, and also had hair as well. Sadly, Luthor would barely make an impact as a villain within the two years after his debut.

It was until a studio artist for the Superman daily’s would make a huge mistake and mistaken Luthors character with Ultra-Humanites, meaning that Luthor was displayed as a bald mad scientist. Deciding to keep Luthors changes, he would be making his appearance in Superman #10 as a bald mad scientist bent on Supermans destruction, Luthor would find himself taking over Ultra-Humanites role and become the Man of Steels greatest enemy.


As a huge fan of Luthor myself, I would have to say that this video review took a lot of time and is byfar the longest one ive made. If you’ve seen my other videos, I believe that you may find yourself enjoying this one a lot.


This is my Lex Luthor character Review and I thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the video.      
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You've read my mind, I was wondering about how a Lex Luthor review would look like and you made it, pure awesomeness.

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Nice review on one of the best villains of the Dc Universe. 

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