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    The Voice of Fate in Norsefire's England

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    Very little is known about Lewis Prothero. As a young man he was a soldier, and following the establishment of Norsefire's regime in England, he was employed as a guard at the Larkhill resettlement camp. He was present at the camp when V escaped, and was one of those who survived. Promoted through the Norsefire party, he became the Voice of Fate, the purported voice of the computer that manages much of the government.


    Lewis Prothero was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. He made his first appearance in Warrior #2.

    Major Story Arcs

    V for Vendetta

    While travelling by train, Prothero is abducted by V, who is waging a one-man terroristic war against the fascist government. V transports Prothero to a stage designed to resemble Larkhill and burns Prothero's massive doll collection in front of him, driving the man irrevocably insane and rendering him incapable of continuing to perform as the Voice of Fate.

    Powers and Abilities

    Prothero has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He was trained as a soldier and guard, and so had some skill at armed and unarmed combat.

    Other Media

    V for Vendetta

    Prothero appears in the film adaptation of the series. He is murdered in his home instead of being driven mad. He is portrayed by Roger Allam.


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