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The Leviathon Tide are an enclave of giant monsters who rove across the galaxy plundering and disemboweling entire planets and their indigenous civilizations at the behaste of the dread Leviathon Mother. The matriarch and sire of the space beast species, it is under her directive in which the tide select and invade planets to raze and terrorize until she herself makes planet fall in order to violate marked worlds, turning them into nests for their kind.

Amongst many of the worlds selected for their migration process, one such planet in their immediate path used to be home to a tribe of Universal Inhumans (Kymellians and Centaurians) a as well non-inhuman aliens they shared the planet with.

During the invasion an unnamed Inhuman with the power to summon and coordinate with a rival monster horde known as Goliathons in an attempt at resistance against the mother and her hive. The warrior fell in battle as they were assassinated by the monster queens Servitors, the Tide emerging triumphant. Said planet was devastated and left a barren ruin which became the Leviathon Tide's nest for a millennium.


Leviathon Tide was conceived by Cullen Bunn and Steve McNiven. Illustrated by Jay Leisten & David Curiel. First signs appearing in Avengers Vol 7 #1.MU (2017), and then making their debut in Monsters Unleashed! #1.

Major Story Arcs


After some thousand years of sleep within their ravaged world, The Leviathon Mother would awake to send her tide to a new world for which to build another nest. This time her gaze falling upon Earth of the Sol System.

While prepping the planet for the invasion by their brood mother, the Leviathon's were met by heavy resistance to their migration patterns by the various superpowered groups of the world and beyond. Such as the The Inhumans, Alpha Flight, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., Winter Guard, X-Men, and so on. Despite this they space beasts still came on like impact events at 15-20min intervals and the heroes of the planet were on the verge of being overrun.

At the last second thoughm and unnamed source had been unintentionally calling down monsters from across the universe to his home planet, in which the Goliathans did battle with forces of the tide. Meanwhile the Mother, back on her nest, could feel the same inhuman power that challenged her millenia ago and sent her full force to the planet.


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