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Very little is known about the Leviathan. It is composed of about 250 lost children, who joined together to form a single entity. How or when this was accomplished is unknown, as is how a child may join or leave Leviathan. Leviathan took up residence in the tunnels below New York City.


Leviathan was created by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving. It made its first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Klarion #2.

Major Story Arcs

Seven Soldiers of Victories

Parts of Leviathan are stolen by Ebeneezer Badde, who sells them on to Melmoth's slaving operations. It throws rocks at Badde when he passes with Klarion. It later encounters Teekl, Klarion's familiar, after he kills the Rat King, who has been stealing from Leviathan. Seeking revenge on Badde, it accompanies Teekl to Klarion, and consumes Badde. It guides Klarion to the world above. Later, Klarion sends it to help the residents of Limbo Town defend themselves against the Sheeda invasion.

Powers and Abilities

Leviathan is a ferocious beast composed of feral children. Though any individual part may be fairly weak, it is able to easily overwhelm opponents through sheer force of numbers. It is unclear if elements of Leviathan share a psychic bond. It is also unclear what happens to children who leave Leviathan, or who grow up.


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