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As a young farmboy, he neglected to finish the fence surrounding his family farm, because he didn't believe in his grandmother's tales of the werewolves. At night, the wolves kidnapped his sister Andrea-Michelle. Searching for her, he found her mangled and scratched in a cave. They both knew she would eventually transform into a werewolf. Unable to kill her then, he told her to run.

Years later, having a family of his own, his family was attacked by a werewolf. He recognized her immediately as his sister.

Major Story Arcs


To escape his emotional pain, he made a deal with Samira, the queen of vampires. She turned him into Leviathan, a monster fighting on her side.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Ascension

As part of his campaign to show the world the power of the new Keepers, The Being killed Leviathan and Ravenous and made Samira human again.


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