Character » Leviatha appears in 21 issues.

    First wife of Lucifer. Tempter of Eve, Icarus and Orpheus. She is accompanied by a pair of cherubs, one on each shoulder that support her in her actions.

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    During the events of Wicked Ways story arc (in Lady Death monthly) a stray bead of Lady Death's energy dripped into the bowels of hell and onto her casket freeing her from the bondage Seance placed her in. She wakes to find Lucifer nowhere to be found. She uses her powers to explode her way out of her chamber and then flies to Dis looking for her husband. She turns ghostly to pass through the rooms unnoticed before reaching the bed-chamber. She is certain that Lucifer has left her a task to perform so she can show him her devotion to him.
    She finds the bed made and scries the sheets and sees visions of his conquests, again she takes it that he forced himself to take them while she was away from him, trapped in the coffin by Seance, and this is a test of her love. She scries the minds of 2 guards and finds a sorrow in them and declares that Lady Death banished her love. She ignites and clears Dis with an explosive wave of fire and swears this usurper will stand trial.  
    She locates Lady Demon in turmoil after Lady Death rejected melding back with her and she searches her mind both empowering her and stealing images that give her the insight she needs to kill her lovers killer.
    In her return to hell, she finds her throne as Queen has been usurped from her. In her absence, Lucifer replaced her with Lady Demon. She watches as Lady Demon is manipulated and abused, but finally Lady Demon meets up with a strange denizen by the name of Cremator.  
    Cremator reveals to Lady Demon that she is actually Lady Death and the victor over Lucifer and Queen of the Endless Graveyard (her personalized image of Hell). After watching the fall of her husband, Leviatha attacks Lady Death with a small group of demonic cherubs. In her attempt to over throw the new queen, Leviatha is defeated by Lady Death and Cremator. 
    She has the ability to turn into a ghostly form and pass by unnoticed. She can fly and like most higher demons she can control arcane energy, hers in particular is fiery and can be used explosively.


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