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    There have been a few Lev Gleason characters that have been re-imagined at Dynamite Entertainment under their Project Superpowers title.

    Some of the characters that were originally published by Lev Gleason were:

    • Lev Gleason Heroes
    • Ace Powers
    • Barry Lane, Adventure Hunter
    • Bill Wayne, Texas Terror
    • Black Diamond
    • Blackout (Lev Gleason version)
    • Bombshell (Lev Gleason version)
    • Bronze Terror
    • Captain Battle and Nathan Hale aka Captain Battle Jr. (Lev Gleason, Dynamite)
    • Captain Battle Jr.(Lev Gleason, Dynamite)
    • Captain Fearless (Lev Gleason version)
    • Crimebuster and Squeeks
    • Cloud Curtis
    • Congo Raider
    • Daredevil (Death Defying Devil) (Dynamite)
    • Dash Dillion
    • Deadly Dreaded Dragon
    • Dickie Dean, Boy Inventor
    • Duke Kelly, Ace Investigator
    • Dynamo Hill
    • Egghead
    • Flag
    • The Ghost (Lev Gleason, Dynamite) (Lev Gleason version)
    • Hot Rock Flanagan
    • Houdonnit the Great
    • Jack of Spades
    • Johnny Law, Sky Ranger
    • Kelly The Cop
    • Ken Keene
    • Kilroy
    • Lance Hale and Jackie
    • Little Wise Guys I, II
    • London (created by Jerry Robinson)
    • Meatball
    • Mr. Midnight
    • Nightro
    • Pat Patriot
    • Pioneer, Champion of America (Lev Gleason and Dynamite)
    • Pirate Prince
    • The Planet Patrol
    • Presto Martin
    • Red American #1
    • Red Reeves, Boy Magician
    • Rocky X of the Rocketeers
    • The Saint (the only known comic book appearance of Leslie Charteris character) (Lev Gleason, Moonstone)
    • Scoop Scuttle
    • Secret Agent X-101
    • Silver Ranger
    • Silver Streak and Meteor/Mercury with Whiz the Falcon (Lev Gleason and DE)
    • Sky Wolf
    • Sniffer and Jinx
    • Solar Patrol
    • Spirit Man
    • Swoop Storm or Swoop Smith
    • 13 (Lev Gleason, Dynamite)
    • Times Square
    • Thun-Dohr
    • War Eagle
    • The Wasp (Lev Gleason version)
    • Yankee Longago
    • Young Robin Hood
    • Zongar, the Miracle Man

    • Lev Gleason Villians
    • Baron Doom
    • Black Dragon
    • Boar
    • Bolt (Lev Gleason version)
    • The Claw (Lev Gleason version) (Lev Gleason, Dynamite)
    • Cobra Lady or Queen
    • Crow King
    • Deadly Dozen
    • Degalos
    • Dr. Dracula
    • Dr. Horror
    • The FFF
    • Friar Diablo
    • Frogface
    • Fu Tong
    • The Ghoul
    • The Green Claw
    • Green Dragon
    • The Greys
    • Herr Death
    • He-She
    • Hyena (Lev Gleason version)
    • Invisible Men
    • Iron Jaw I (Lev Gleason version)
    • Iron Jaw II
    • Iron Moles of Galaxy X
    • King Questionmark
    • Lady Killer
    • The Mallet
    • Mr. Crime
    • Mummy Master
    • Noman
    • Panther (Lev Gleason version)
    • Phantom Archer
    • The Professor
    • Prof. Blitznozzle
    • Prof. Skinn
    • Prof. Venom
    • Princess Sheba
    • Punch and Judy (Lev Gleason version)
    • Rodent
    • Scarlet Skull
    • Serpent
    • Silver Cult
    • Sir Satan
    • Skull Men
    • Spider (Lev Gleason version)
    • Spook (Lev Gleason version)
    • Striker
    • The Vacuum
    • The Veiled Lady (Lev Gleason, Dynamite)
    • Wizard (Lev Gleason version)
    • Wolf Carson

    Many of these characters have separate pages while others do not. Image Comics re-imagined Golden Age characters and revived many in their next issue project in 2009. Silver Streak Comics #24 was published in December 2009. The characters story arcs that were continued were Daredevil, Silver Streak, Kelly the Cop, The Claw, and Captain Battle. Kelly the Cop is the only character that was not also re-created at Dynamite Entertainment.


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