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A Beta vampire of the Miami Del Toro Family. Child of the family's head, Eduardo Del Toro, along with his younger sister Risa and older brother Eduardo Jr., aka Eddie. In his youth was seen as the weaker of the three siblings.

At the time of Eduardo Del Toro's passing...

It'd been two years since Leto had spoken to a member of his family having left them to become the first vampire Catholic priest.

After Eduardo Del Toro's death

Returning home to attend his father's funeral Leto, and nearly every other member of the Del Toro family, is shocked to find that his father's position as head of the family was left to him. This puts Leto at a crossroads as he's faced with choosing between his oath to the church or his family. To stall for time he agrees to stay and wait before making a final decision until his father's killer is found and brought to justice.

Yet this agreement turns into more as Leto finds that the church in which he'd placed so much faith was responsible for his father's death. Killing Monsignor Kelly, his boss and the key figure in the murder of Eduardo Del Toro, Leto takes a new approach to things by accepting his responsibility as head of the family.

Unfortunately for him things don't go as smoothly as planned as first his former girlfriend Carrie turns him into the police and, upon his release, his sister kills him and his brother effectively taking over as head of the family.


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