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    Letitia Lerner, Superman's babysitter, is the protagonist of a short story by the same name, written by Elizabeth Glass & Kyle Baker with art by Kyle Baker, that appeared in the 1999 "Elseworlds 80-Page Giant"

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    Letitia Lerner is the protagonist of a short story by Elizabeth Glass (story) and Kyle Baker (story/art/colors) that was published in the Elseworlds 80-Page Giant.

    Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter

    The teenage girl Letitia Lerner is hired by a couple to look after their baby, while they take a day off. They both seem oddly nervous and worried, but not about the baby. They stress that the baby should not be woken up.

    She finds the baby chained down in it's bed, with a huge boulder on top. She's wierded out, but decides not to question it and just moves to the living room.

    She suddenly hears a noise from the bedroom. After rushing in, she finds a hole in the ground. She panics and rushes to the cellar, and attempts to lift the boulder she believes the baby to be under. But then she notices the baby somehow being upstairs. She runs back to the house, only to witness the baby demolishing the house. She tries to stop him from biting trough an electric cable, only to be electrocuted herself. When she comes back to her senses, she sees him outside, sucking a cow dry, and climbing up the roof. She follows him up, only to crash down, while the baby saddles a horse and gallops out into the night. Letitia follows him on a bike, only to stop him from causing a traffic accident. She then notices that somehow the baby managed to throw the horse at a water tower, which then crashes on top of them.

    Completely wet, on horseback, with the bike on her back and the baby (now asleep from exhaustion) in her arms, she makes it back to the house.

    She starts preparing dinner, when the baby climbs into the microwave.

    The parents return to find the house wrecked, and their baby in the microwave. They both congratulate Letitia, and offer her to babysit for them again in the future.

    Skills and Abilities

    While Letita possesses no superpowers or training, she displayed some admirable skills when babysitting Clark.

    She was able to keep-up with a baby Superman for the span of an entire night, with him being the one to fall asleep in the end from exhaustion. She went through electrocution, having a water tower and a horse dropped on her, as well as a number of smaller falls and injuries. She chased baby Clark through the entire house, including the roof and tree tops, caught-on to a horse while riding a bicycle, and swiftly dodged cars in traffic to save her ward, or rather the drivers. Afterwards she still had enough energy to ride the horse back home, while carrying a bike and the still sleeping baby Clark, and make a microwaved dinner.


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