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    Letifos is a member of a race of shark-finned Atlanteans known as the Sher'hedeen.

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    Letifos was created by Peter David and Martin Egeland. She made her debut in Aquaman #2.


    Letifos first appeared to Garth in order to help the then injured Aqualad recover following an attack by Charybdis, bandaging his wounds and letting him know where the villain had taken the kidnapped Aquaman and Dolphin. Following that adventure Aquaman set out to find her, believing her to be his deceased love Tula somehow reincarnated, he then learned of her people the Sher'hedeen from his friend Vulko and borrowing some equipment set out to find her which he succeeds at. However she grows angry at him for coming to their valley, and consistently refuses his accusations of her being Tula. Eventually her people capture Garth fearing him to be an advanced scout feed him to a pool of mystic water despite Letifos's pleas to spare him. She then mourns over what she believers to be Garth's skeleton,unknown to her however Garth was transferred to another dimension.

    Letifos is next seen in the city of the Idylist's where she fights a group of invaders alongside Garth and Atlan in the abandoned city,having arrived to find Garth to ease her guilt over doing nothing while he almost died. The invaders then return with Atlan being captured when Garth and Letfios are momentarily distracted by Tula's return from them dead, with Tula commanding Letfio's to return home with Letfios refusing and vowing to expose her return as part of the plot of the invader's leader.Letifos then agrees to assist Garth and Tula to find Atlan after Garth finishes his training.Letfios continues her vow as she stays in the Idylist city constantly bickering with Tula who continually questions her right to be there until Garth tells Tula he needs her before the three descend to find the scroll needed for Garth to access his birthright. Following finding it he leaves it with Tula,however upon Letifos taking the scroll for safekeeping she attacks Letifos from behind and beginning a battle with Letfios getting the upper hand until Garth blasts her off Tula and ordering her to leave the city.

    Following Tempest losing his magical powers to his uncle Slizzath,Letifos returns with the entirety of the Sher'hedeen alongside Berra and the remaining Idylist who have come to join Garth's fight against the undead army. During the course of the battle Atlan telepathically contacts her ordering her to injure Tula with the ritual knife so Garth can learn she is in fact dead. She manages to deliver a slash to Tula's abdomen letting Garth know the truth before being blasted by Slizzath as Garth regains his powers ending the undead threat. Following Tempest reimprisoning his uncle, Letifos departs back to the Indian Ocean alongside her people.

    Following the battle Letifos remained a sympathetic friend to Garth being their for him when Dolphin informed him that she was pregnant causing Temepst to seek her out. He then remained with her for several days until she helped him realized he loved Dolphin and he was going to do the right thing and marry her. However that would end badly when Dolphin and his daughter Cerdian were killed when the Spectre attacked Atlantis, causing Temepst to once again seek her out with her convincing him to rule Atlantis.


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