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  • Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad had kidnapped The Lad of Tomorrow and replaces him with a robot doppleganger; he then vaporizes the robot doppleganger, "his best friend" to show how evil he is.
  • Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad mocks Evil Smiley Face Guy and vaporizes Lad-Mite; Evil Smiley Face Guy's rotten, no good, very bad day begins.
  • Evil Smiley Face Guy unleashes the might of a Giant Mr. Mimico on Infantino City.
  • Giant Mr. Mimico seriously injures Little Green Cyborg; Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad vaporizes Little Green Cyborg.
  • Blue Angel uses a Kirbyish device to transform Gorilla Guy-with-a-Gun back to human, becoming a gorilla himself.
  • Lethargic Lad arrives, piloting the Giant Lethargo; the stand off with Mr. Mimico puts an end to Evil Smiley Face Guy's plan.
  • Naked Blue Girl kidnaps and replaces Rhonda and Chad Boy of The No Mutants.
  • Naked Blue Girl is asked by Evil Smiley Face Guy to join The Part-Time-Lethargic-Lad-Revenge-Squad.
  • Naked Blue Girl opts to stay a No Mutants arch villain instead; this delights Rhonda and Elvis Ed and greatly disappoints Evil Smiley Face Guy.
  • Professor Monkeyhead usurps the headquarters and entire membership of The Part-Time-Lethargic-Lad-Revenge-Squad renaming it The Legion of Super Bad Guys. Evil Smiley Face Guy is the only villain not asked to join.
  • The Legion of Super Bad Guys trick Lethargic Lad and several other heroes into participating on Survivor: Baffin Island. The heroes are prepared to freeze to death, except Walrus Boy, who thinks the weather is lovely.
  • While the Infantino City super-heroes are on Baffin Island, they attempt to rob The Museum of Expensive Things but are thwarted by Evil Smiley Face Guy and the one remaining member of The Part-Time-Lethargic-Lad-Revenge-Squad, Starro' David.
  • Lethargic Lad and friends return from Baffin Island aboard the multi-pod Lethargi-Car.
  • The Legion of Super Bad Guys are captured by Lethargic Lad and friends.
  • Also, Greg talks to a Frog.

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