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    An assassin and member of Brigade

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    Little is known about the origins of the woman known as Lethal. She has a younger sister, but other family connections are unknown. She was acquainted with Battlestone, Boone and Kayo prior to the formation of Brigade, but revealed very little information about herself or her past to them. At some point she took work as an assassin, an occupation at which she excelled.


    Lethal was created by Rob Liefeld and Dan Fraga. She made her first appearance in Bloodstrike #2.

    Major Story Arcs


    Lethal is a member of the original Brigade, and joins the team in an attempted infiltration of the headquarters of Youngblood. The mission fails, badly, and as a result Battlestone dissolves the team, leaving Lethal and fellow teammate Boone to fend for themselves. After the team disbands, Lethal vanishes.


    Lethal reappears when members of Bloodstrike engage the newly-reformed Brigade in battle, capturing both Seahawk and Kayo. She manages to rescue Seahawk from his captivity, and rejoins the team after they emerge victorious from the battle.


    Lethal leaves Brigade for personal reasons, and falls back into her life as an assassin. Soon she is given an assignment to kill her former teammate, Kayo. She refuses to carry out the mission, rescuing Kayo instead. She then rejoins Brigade.


    A villain known as Crypt attacks Brigade, killing most of the members of the group. Lethal is accidentally sent into the future, as is Seahawk, making them the only survivors of the attack. Lethal ends up in the year 2028.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lethal has no personal superhuman abilities. However, she is a gifted and resourceful unarmed fighter, familiar and competent with a variety of weapons, and a skilled assassin.


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