Les Soffit

    Character » Les Soffit appears in 2 issues.

    Free Market warden, suspected that Jaeger was an Anvard citizen posing as a Free Trader.

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    Upon returning to Anvard in Finder #1 , Jaeger visits the Free Market to sell items he'd accumulated in the wastelands. Part of Soffit's job is to keep Anvard citizens from using the Market to sell things without proper licensing; he accuses the half-Ascian Jaeger of posing as an outsider to circumvent regulations. Jaeger gives him an earful and punches him out.

    Later that night, Soffit and some friends jump Jaeger in the Little Godsfeast Tavern. The resulting fight sends all of them flying out a sixth-floor window, which kills Les and his friends and badly injures Jaeger.

    A priest of the First Church of Huitzilopochtli shows up in Finder #6, trying to identify Jaeger in video footage of the brawl. When the priest finally tracks Jaeger down in Finder #12, he attempts to use Soffit's death as leverage to get Jaeger to neutralize Brigham Grosvenor.

    The bar fight and defenestration are briefly shown in flashback during Finder #22.


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