Les Heroes de Paris

    Team » Les Heroes de Paris appears in 9 issues.

    Les Heroes de Paris is the superhero team that protects Paris.

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    Les Heroes de Paris originally had eight members. Adamantine is the leader, he has the powers of flight and possibly super-strength and durability and a keen but mundane ability for disguise. Comte de Nuit's father was murdered by thieves, and is known as the caped "Night Count". He has since "sworn vengeance on all who prey on the helpless". Anaïs, is able to command all felines from the smallest cat to the most vicious lion, she was queen of a lost cat civilization in the Sahara. Detective Fantôme wanders the Earth as an avenging spirit, helping those who need it until he can solve his own murder and gain entrance to Heaven and prowls the Louvre Museum at night, in search of mysteries and secrets. le Vent, is the fastest man in all of Europe and can outrun a plane flying at Mach 4, but can never slow down to a normal speed because of a sorcerer's curse which he gets his powers from. La Lumiére Bleue can fly, and has a blue Light of Truth which comes from his palm, and reveals all secrets. Le Cowboy is a man of few words and a homage to the American west and is an accomplished marksman. Docteur Q, was one of the world's greatest scientists and weapon designers, but know uses his knowledge and advanced arsenal in for peace.

    Les Heroes de Paris were unknown until they made contact with The Thing to ask for his help. Grimm came to France to avoid the moral and legal implications of the superhuman Civil War, and had just sat down at le Rose et la Plume cafe after being told about it from a street vendor when a hidden mechanism lowered him to an underground headquarters where he meets les Heroes de Paris. Adamantine, had disguised himself as the street vendor and, apologized for the deception, saying it was necessary to save precious time. He explained that the team could use his strength in fighting l'Empereur du Monde Souterrain who had assembled an army of rock beings, whom he was going to order to dig under Paris, and destroy the city. The Thing, who missed "the good old days" agrees to help.

    They made their way past the rock creatures, then le Vent uses his speed to throw the Thing directly to l'Empereur's tunneler. The villain begins to rant and declares the city above, which gives nothing but pain, deserves to be destroyed for the pain it caused him. The Thing ammediatly recognizes his woman troubles when he see's them. He destroys the tunnler, but causes a explosion that creates a cave in. However Les Heroes and Grimm with l'Empereur. After saving the city they release him to his estranged girlfriend Louise since l'Empereur (now just "René") hadn't been able to do any real damage . She is so impressed by his devotion, she agrees to reconcile and marry him. The Thing goes to dinner with his new friends.

    Fun fact; The name is misspelled and correct french would be Les Héros de Paris.


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