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French series.

It's no secret that old King Cyrus, hero of the Battle of Drakhenor, is dying.

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His nephew Hirus, a brutal and ambitious young tiger, and designated successor to the king, dreams of imposing his law on the rest of the 5 Lands.

But as always with felines, nothing is simple, and the throne is the object of all covetousness, while in neighboring kingdoms, we observe the situation, ready to pounce on Angleon at the slightest misstep ...

The 5 continents


Angleon is the land of felines. It is the archetype of advanced civilization, with its hitherto undisputed reign, which however gradually declines and refuses to accept it. Angleon slowly weakens, sleepy with her smugness and superiority complex.


Ithara, the desert continent, is populated by reptiles. Master blacksmiths, unequaled fighters, they remember a time when their people reigned over the 5 lands and had huge cities and abundant resources. Inwardly, they dream of nothing but these past glories and a better future.


Erinal is a land of plain and wind. A diverse and tolerant people, the herbivores lead a life of peace and labor, where each strives to conform to an ideal of equality and equity. Under the pressure of carnivores, they are victims of a traffic in flesh that all laws have been powerless to annihilate.


Arnor is the continent of bears, wolves, and immense icy steppes. Frozen to the core, the lands of Arnor contain treasures within them, rare metals and precious stones. It is a harsh and arid continent, populated by nomadic tribes, ruled by the law of the fittest, snow, and death.


Lys is a plant world, entirely covered with jungles, mangroves, canals and rivers, over which primates reign supreme. Wonderful merchants and artisans, the monkeys also inhabit large urban centers where they gradually forget their roots and their ancient beliefs ...


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