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    Lernaea is a spirit of the sea tied to the lost city of Dagon, a legend within Atlantis.

    During the events of the Year of the Villain, Ocean Master finds the city and frees Lernaea from the confinement she had in the city. Once free, Lernaea, becomes a protector and follower of Orm. Ocean Master becomes the ruler of the city of Dagon, and she becomes its main general.

    The city becomes home to the outcasts of Atlantis, and they later decide to make themselves known to Atlantis to claim power status. A situation that occurs during the birth of Princess Andy. Nearly a year later, Orm orders Lernaea to kidnap the princess from her home in Amnesty Bay, something that spirit does. Some time later, the girl is rescued by Aquaman, Aqualad and Tula, and Lernaea confesses to Dolphin that she carried out the kidnapping on Orm's order and showing her guilt for it.

    In the events that Mera prepares to free Atlantis from the different monarchies that compose it, Lernaea follows Orm's orders, following his plan to immobilize Mera and prevent her from helping Arthur in his challenge against Orm.


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