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Lepirax is a mutated moth monster created by Dr. Demonicus through the use of a radiated meteor called the Lifestone. Dr. Demonicus unleashes Lepirax and two other monsters called Centipor and Ghilaron from his lifestone pen when SHIELD and Godzilla discover his secret volcano base off an island in the Aleutian Chain. Lepirax nearly kills Dum Dum Dugan when he attacks the SHIELD agent inside his helicopter. Godzilla kills Lepirax with his radioactive fire blast and stomps his burning body during the fight.


Lepirax was created by Doug Moench and Tom Suttonin 1977 and first appeared in Godzilla King of the Monsters # 4.

Powers & Abilities

Lepirax is a gigantic, mutated moth with superhuman strength and durability. Lepirax has the ability to fly and grasp his enemies with his claws.


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