Leper Queen

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    The Leper Queen is an anti-mutant terrorist who once had a mutant daughter of her own. Her two year-old daughter was killed when the child's powers burned down their home, also resulting in the Leper Queen's disfigurement.

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    The woman who eventually became the Leper Queen was a proud mother to a two-year-old daughter when the infant's growing pyrokinetic powers incinerated their home. While the mother survived with major facial disfigurement and burns, the child was lost in the fire. The disillusioned and mournful Leper Queen claimed her child received mutant abilities when a mutant had passed by her during pregnancy, perhaps fueling more rage during her time of grieving.

    Attack on the Xavier Institute

    Donning a mask to hide the scars on her face, the Leper Queen now devotes her life towards killing all mutants to avenge her daughter. Using weapons one would use to kill an animal, she has embarked on various mutant hunting expeditions with her cohorts in the Sapien League.

    Following the mutant depowering event known as M-Day, the Leper Queen attacked world-renowned mutant school and home of the X-Men, the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. Due to the dangers that face the greatly reduced mutant population, the X-Men invited the remaining mutants to take refuge at the Institute. Unfortunately, the highly concentrated area of mutants made the Institute a prime target for those who wish to do harm to mutants. As Peepers, Mammomax, Outlaw, and Erg headed to the Institute for safety, the Sapien League attacked. The shots fired brought the fight to the attention of the X-Men, who were able to rescue the trio. Unwilling to leave unsuccessfully, the Sapien League then attacked the rest of the mansion but was once again unsuccessful at taking any mutant lives. Future encounters with Havok and a powerless Polaris was also met with failure. The Leper Queen was later captured by Apocalypse in consideration to be his horseman Pestilence. Unfortunately, her over eagerness to cooperate forced Apocalypse to choose Polaris in her place. Nonetheless, Apocalypse kept the Leper Queen prisoner for use at a later date.

    Bastion and the Purifiers

    Months later, the Leper Queen reemerged strapped to an electric chair and ready to be executed for the murders of two young girls. As the Leper Queen nears death, she is saved by the Purifiers and later controlled by Bastion via infection of the Transmode Virus. While her life was saved, she is now under the complete control of Bastion.

    The Leper Queen is now among a group of anti-mutant leaders (many of whom had been resurrected by the virus) in an effort to wipe out the remaining mutants once and for all.

    Suicide Leper

    The Leper Queen was then seen bringing an infected Beautiful Dreamer to the crowd and caused death to them. Though she felt guilt for the deaths of the attendees of the rally, she thought that it was worth it. She then used the same tactic on Fever Pitch which caused death to a number of people.

    Injecting the Virus
    Injecting the Virus

    Bringing Three Mutants to Jeopardy

    The Leper Queen alongside with some of her followers have abducted Surge, Boom-Boom and Hellion. She injected the three with a modified Legacy Virus and attempted to use them as explosives for the United Nations Building believing that this incident would cause humans to clamp down on mutant rights. However, the X-Force have successfully saved Hellion and Surge. Unfortunately, Cyclops have teleported the team into the future before they were able to rescue Tabitha. With her on the hands of the Leper Queen, it caused her death as Leper Queen shot her between the eyes. When the X-Force was finished with their mission in the future, They all teleported back with X-23 arriving three seconds before the Leper Queen could kill Tabitha. X-23 shot the Leper Queen three times before collapsing from the effects of time-travel. Before dying, the Leper Queen thanked X-23 for killing and freeing her from Bastion's control.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Leper Queen is a baseline human who possesses great skill in using various hunting weapons, including various guns and knives.


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