Leonardo Manco

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    Comic book artist (penciler and inker). Most famous for his long stint on Hellblazer where he became a fan favorite.

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    Leonardo Manco is an Argentinian artist with a very gritty style most often utilized for horror-tinged books. He has been working in mainstream comics since the mid 1990's, doing most of his work for the big two (Marvel and DC) and at this point is best known for his long stint on DC Vertigo's Hellblazer. After a string of short lived, acclaimed but quickly cancelled titles throughout the mid to late 90's, it seemed for a while that Manco was relegated to doing the art chores on forgettable one-off specials and fill-in issues, though at least still for the big two (with the occasional project for 'Acclaim'). Manco would, years later, finally be revived and receive more notice when he was tapped as the ongoing artist for Hellblazer; illustrating almost all of Mike Carey's long run and sticking with the title through the following runs of Denise Mina and Andy Diggle as well.

    Jokingly dubbed "The Mad Argentinian" by his early Marvel collaborator Warren Ellis, Manco has worked on titles such as: Hellstorm, Druid, Deathlok, Werewolf by Night and his new cushy gig at Marvel; War Machine.

    Predominantly a penciler, Manco did once experiment with fully painted artwork for the Marvel Max limited series Apache Skies.


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