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    Career in Comics

    Leonard Nimoy created the 90's comic series titled Leonard Nimoy's Primortals, which was about Earth's first contact with aliens. Although he thought up the idea for the series, the role of writer for the series would be filled by Kate Worley and Christopher Mills. It would be illustrated by Mike Barreiro and Scot Eaton. It would be published by Tekno Comix for a total of 26 issues in three different volumes from 1995 to 1997.

    Life outside of comics

    Nimoy was primarily known for his role as the Science Fiction pop icon named Mr. Spock, who first appeared on the TV show Star Trek: the Original Series in the 1960's and later in the movie spinoffs. He voiced Galvatron on the 1986 Transformers Film. Recently, he appeared as Dr. William Bell on the TV show Fringe and an action figure on the sitcom Big Bang Theory.

    In addition to his acting, Leonard Nimoy worked as a director of several films and a writer of a few of those films. Nimoy was also a gifted photographer, musician, and poet.


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