Leona Heidern

    Character » Leona Heidern appears in 45 issues.

    Leona is the sole daughter of a renegade Orochi minion (Hakkesshu) and a human woman. After she has unwillingly killed everyone in her village, she was adopted and trained by Heidern. Although she's at stake with her heritage, she's an important member of the Ikari Warriors.

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    Leona Heidern is a contest fighter and Ikari millitay warrior who appears in the SNK franchises, King of Fighters and Metal Slug.



    She first appeared in King Of Fighters 96'. She has always been on the Ikari Team, and is technically the team leader.


    Possibly the most stoic person in the entire King of Fighters, considering there are a number of hardcore martial arts experts, that's saying something. Besides Heidern, Ralf Jones, Whip, and Clark Still, she doesn't talk to anyone.

    Fighting Style



    Full name: Leona Heidern                                                               Birthdate :January 10; 18 years old                                                         Height 176cm (5'9"), 173cm (5'8", KOF '96)

    Weight  146 lbs (66kg) 
    Blood type B
    Family/Relatives Guidel (Father, deceased), deceased mother, Heidern (adoptive father)
    Job/Occupation Ikari Warrior soldier
    Likes Nothing
    Dislikes Blood
    Hobbies Visiting factories
    Favorite food Vegetables
    Most unpleasant experience Riot of the Blood
    Measurements ,27in(60cm),34in(87cm)
    Weapon Explosive earrings, flashbang earrings, special boots, throwing hairpin
    Fighting style Martial arts + Heidern style assassination techniques

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