Leon Kinzky

    Character » Leon Kinzky appears in 5 issues.

    A retired solider who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, along with his son Chris.

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    One night, Leon went over to Vision's house to introduce himself. This is due to Chris being the lab partner of Viv, Vision's daughter. When no one answered the door, he went around the house to the backyard to see if anyone was outside. Instead, he saw Virginia burying the body of the Grim Reaper. A villain that attacked the Visions earlier, whereas Virginia defended and accidentally killed him. Leon took a video of this and kept quiet. Some days later Vin, Vivi's brother, attacked Chris due to the distraught of the attack of the Grim Reaper. This incident left Vivi badly damaged.

    Finding the synthezoids extremely dangerous, Leon blackmails Virginia into leaving the state. He sent her the video by mail, and called her every 2 pm. Virginia ignored the calls but later on picked it up, and Leon gave the address to meet her. Although she didn't knew it was Leon.

    She followed the address of Leon's home that Leon told her on the phone and met the man that blackmailed her. Leon explained why he wanted Virginia to leave and if she didn't, he would expose the video of her burying the corpse. Virginia was furious at this proposal and approached him, until Leon drew a firearm. Out of protection he shot Virginia, but she phased through the bullets. At that moment, Chris just entered the room, awakened by his father's conservation. The shots that were meant for Virginia went through her as she phased and hit Chris, killing him instantly.

    Leon approached his dead son, and blamed Virginia for the death. Swearing he won't rest until he rallies everybody to kill her family. Virginia who couldn't handle the anger within her knocked Leon cold. When the police came, they found Leon and Chris alone on the ground. Virginia had already fled the crime scene before the police caught her. Leon was eventually admitted to a hospital, where he remained in coma.


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