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Meeting in Poland during the Second World War, Leo Zimm and Max Eisenhardt were friends. They were separated from one another by the Nazis, who were sorting the prisoners into various concentration and death camps. Eisenhardt was eventually interned at Auschwitz, while Zimm never made it to the camp he was intended for. Instead, he encountered a vampire, who transformed Zimm into a vampire as well.  


Leo Zimm was created by Rob Williams and Doug Braithwaite.

Major Story Arcs

Several decades after they were separated, the old friends encountered one another during the Vampire Nation's war with the mutants. Now on opposing sides, the two accept their roles as enemies, with Eisenhardt (now known as Magneto) aware that the man who was his friend is long gone, and what remains is only a pale imitation. Zimm's fate is unknown. 


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