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Brief History

When Dracula was accidentally revived from death by the carelessness of Clifton Graves, he was immediately hounded by the trio of Vampire Hunters, Rachel Van Helsing, Taj Nital, and Frank Drake. Together they pursued Dracula across , from his Transylvanian castle to .  
When the Hunters caught up with Dracula, he attempted to escape to another dimension through a sinister occult mirror. Taj grabbed his foe as he passed halfway through the portal, and the two were transported to a demon infested hell. There Dracula knocked out Taj, but saved him from being consumed by the demons, reasoning that Dracula might need to feed on his enemy if they could not find a way out.  
Eventually Dracula discovered another portal that transported them back in time to the late nineteenth century , shortly after Abraham Van Helsing had "killed” the Vampire Lord. Dracula imprisoned his unconscious foe in a marble coffin and began planning his revenge on Van Helsing.  Meanwhile in the present century, Rachel and Frank unlocked the mirrors secrets and followed their enemy back in time in the hopes of rescuing Taj. 
Dracula soon learned of their arrival in the 19th century and plotted to kill the hunters before they could stop him from taking his revenge. Back in his castle, Dracula found a glass decanter filled with blood. The decanter held the essence of the lethal vampire, Lenore. Years ago, Dracula imprisoned her in this bottle for unspecified reasons. In need of an ally, Dracula smashed the glass bottle against the castle's stone wall. The two vampires then flew from the castle to hunt the Transylvanian hills for their next victims. Dracula ordered Lenore to kill the hunters, while he planned to lie in wait for Abraham Van Helsing. Lenore caught up with Frank and Rachel at the castle's graveyard, moments after they found Taj. Lenore attacked Rachel and was poised to kill her, but Frank and Taj drove her off by casting the shadow of a cross shaped headstone on the vampire.  With his plan to kill Van Helsing foiled, Dracula grabbed Lenore and escaped back to the present day through the mystic mirror. 
Dracula returned to modern day and attacked and killed a servant girl of the Derings, an aristocratic family who lived in seclusion out on the moors. Inspectors from Scotland Yards reported the attack to the Vampire Hunters who later tracked Dracula and Lenore to an abandoned tomb near the Dering mansion. Rachel fired a wooden crossbow bolt straight at Dracula's heart, but the vampire grabbed Lenore and used her as a shield to protect him from harm. Dracula escaped death as the bolt pierced Lenore's heart, turning the she-devil to ash.       


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