Character » Lennox appears in 78 issues.

    A demigod and illegitimate son of Zeus, thus half brother of Wonder Woman. Also, father of Wonder Girl.

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    One of the many sons of Zeus, he lived for over eighty years, and he first discovered his heritage during World War II, after surviving a german bombing. He called that experience a "Baptism by Blitzkrieg". He later fought during the same war.

    Heavy smoker, he speaks with a strong accent and british slang. He generally dresses with casual street clothes, like yellow jogging suits, long treach coats and sport shoes, and has a golden chain around his neck. He describes himself as "a man with the advantage", and makes several reference about how "the wind" speaks to him and gives him advices and information. This wind is later revealed to be another of Zeus' children Siracca.

    Other than that, he comes across as being generally confident but simple minded, zany and prone to jokes.

    Lennox's skin has the same consistency of rock, which makes him almost invulnerable; at the same time, if hit with enough strenght, cracks are left in his body the same way scars normally would. He later explains that his powers consist in "organic-rock" and even if cracked, he ends up healing with time.

    Also, Lennox was recently revealed as the father of Cassandra Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl

    Character Creation

    Lennox was created by Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello and artist Tony Akins.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lennox is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and has military combat experience, as well as tactics. He carries around a large sledgehammer, and is highly durable due to his body being made of organic-rock.


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