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Lena was a young woman whom lived in the war-torn country of Bosnia and escaped the war by traveling with two men towards America, with the promise of becoming a house-made whom had to watch children of wealthy families. Nothing however was further from the truth, as Lena was sold as a prostitute for wealthy men. When she found out their plans, Lena hit her first costumer and ran. She was caught up, but eventually got saved by the man-vampire known as Morbius.


Lena Ivana was created by Lisa Trusiani and Craig Gilmore and first appeared in Morbius: The Living Vampire #25 (1994).

Major Story Arcs

Meeting Morbius

After Lena fled the club in which she was taken to become a prostitute, she was followed by the men that brought her there. It was only because of the timely arrival of Morbius that she was able to escape them, because Morbius killed the man that followed her. She however wanted nothing to do with Morbius afterwards, thinking Morbius to be an evil man, just like the men in her country.


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