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    The Earl of Lemongrab, a creation of Princess Bubblegum.

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    Lemongrab is a creation of Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom. However he is an experiment that by Princess Bubblegum's own admission went very wrong. Made up of lemon flavored candy, Lemongrab possesses bizarre mannerisms and verbal idiosyncrasies and often seems distressed and is very temperamental. Lemongrabs personality appears derived from his limited exposure to other beings, he also views Princess Bubblegum as his glob, albeit one that has made him the way he is, lacking and in need of company. Lemongrab resides in Castle Lemongrab, and recently with a clone of himself which seems to have mellowed his more erratic behavior.


    Lemongrab is a character from Cartoon Network's popular Adventure Time animated television show created by Pendleton Ward. First appearing in the episode Too Young Lemongrab is voiced by Justin Roiland.Lemongrab makes his comic book debut appearance in Adventure Time #4.

    Character Evolution

    Lemongrab has only appeared in a limited fashion, in both the animated television show Adventure Time as well as the comics inspired by the show, but his characterization remains consistent, with quirky mannerisms, odd agitated behavior and frequent shouting and screaming.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fruit Salad Days

    Lemongrab awakes to read in the morning paper Ooodles of News that Marceline's band Marceline and the Scream Queens are the number #1 band in all of Ooo. This seems to agitate Lemongrab as he screams the word 'unacceptable' before sipping on his breakfast beverage finding it too hot. He then chides Peppermint Butler as his shoes lack the necessary amount of shine. Hearing an ice cream truck Lemongrab excitedly rushes to buy a treat, only to be given the wrong order. In fact Lemongrab's day appears to descend into one unacceptable moment after the other, culminating with Lemongrab performing in the band Unacceptable. Lemongrab appears uncharacteristically content upon reading the following day's paper in which the band Unacceptable are praised.

    Candy Capers

    In the Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun comic Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Lemongrab is forced to team up with Lumpy Space Princess, who quickly develops one of her fleeting love/hate crushes on him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lemongrab possesses superhuman levels of durability and resiliency. Lemongrab is also equipped with a sound sword, a weapon that can produce neutralizing sound waves. Unlikely most candy people Lemongrab does not seem to have to worry about exploding when frightened, displaying that emotion regularly.

    Other Media


    Adventure Time (2010)

    Lemongrab appears in the Adventure Time episodes "Too Young" where he makes his first appearance as an antagonist of Princess Bubblegum. After Bubblegum is de-aged Lemongrab asserts his seniority and right to rule, but his awkward mannerisms and antisocial tenancies annoy those around him, coupled with his draconian rules forcing Princess Bubblegum to return herself to her normal age to regain control of Candy Kingdom. Lemongrab next appears in "You Made Me" where he appears to stalk and observe residents of Candy Kingdom as they sleep, leading Princess Bubblegum to try and find solutions to Lemongrab's loneliness and bizarre behavior. Eventually she solves the situation by presenting Lemongrab with a clone Lemongrab who shares his idiosyncrasies, the two Lemongrabs completing each other.


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