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Leliana has been an Orlesian bard, Hero, Spymaster, Left Hand of the Divine, among many over things. Leliana's first memories of her youth, are when she was four, and of her mother, as they stood on an Orlesian terrace overlooking the Waking Sea in Orlais. She remembers the sweet scent of oranges and lavender, but mostly the scent of her mother, Oisine's dress. Its a cherished memory to Leliani as her mother would pass away not long after. Although Leliana would grow up in Orlais, and for all intents and purposes, sound and appear Orlesian, her mother being Fereldan, meant Leliana would hold that part of her close to her heart as well.

After the passing of her mother, Leliana would be looked after by Lady Cecilie Vasseur, the employer of her mother Oisine. Although not related to her by blood, Lady Cecilie Vasseur had a softness and sweet spot towards Leliana. She was also subsequently saddened when the bright, cheerful, little girl Leliana was, turned solemn and sad, with her mothers passing. Lady Cecilie Vasseur would spoil Leliana, giving her anything she asked for, hoping to see her regain her happiness and smile again.

Leliana would only ask for books and stories, and through this she would develop a love for stories, the young girl escaping into worlds of fantasy. The wealth of Lady Cecilie Vasseur, would lead to Leliana being taught by tutors in various disciplines, dancing for example. In her later teenage years, Leliana would encounter a figure that would be very integral to her future, a woman Marjolaine. Marjolaine would gift Leliana a bow, and instruct her on how to use it, thus starting out Leliana's ability to fight as a rogue.


Leliana is a fictional character created for Dragon Age franchise, by Bioware. The character first appears in the first of the video games of the franchise, Dragon Age Origins, which also includes downloadable content in which she is the lead protagonist. Leliana would also appear in later installments of the video games as well as appear in other media the franchise has spread to, novels and comics included.

Character Evolution

Leliana has experienced much growth and change throughout her stories. Originally quite an optimistic character, who a love of sharing stories, she would progress into being more secretive, cynical and weary in later years.


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