Character » Leito appears in 9 issues.

    Leito was the apprentice to Deishun, a blacksmith. Deishun was actually one of the last Mice Templars.

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    As a child, Leito's parents were killed, leaving him an orphan. Deishun, the blacksmith of Cricket's Glen, took him in as a son and as an apprentice. He also secretly trained him to be a Templar. He often told stories of Templar legend and was good friends with Karic, a young mouse who was also interested in the Templar.

    Vol. 1 The Prophecy

    One day Cricket's Glen is overrun by the Rat Army. Deishun defends the village as long as he can, but he is eventually overpowered and killed. Leito takes up his master's fallen sword to defend the village in his absence, however he was not fully prepared to fight an opponent as strong as Captain Tosk. Leito loses an arm in the battle and is captured into slavery along with the rest of the villagers.


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