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Filipino artist Leinil Francis Yu started his comic book artist career with Scott Lobdell on a mini-series called Pyros. His art was and since then has been very unique. His characters sometimes would look like Mike Mignola's art with people having blocky faces, despite that he remains one of the industry's greatest artists. He went on to do Superman: Birthright, and then went full-time with Marvel Comics to do the New Avengers. He then did the 2008 main event comic with Brian Michael Bendis called Secret Invasion. After that he finished the much anticipated and delayed ultimate series Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. After that he has done mainly covers, but will begin a new Ultimate Comics with Mark Millar this year called Ultimate Comics Avengers 2.

In 2010 Superior was released through Marvel's imprint Icon featuring artist Yu and writer Mark Millar. Yu has also illustrated 5 issues of Indestructible Hulk along with Mark Waid in 2012.

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