Lei Kung

    Character » Lei Kung appears in 153 issues.

    The immortal teacher of the legacy of Iron Fist.

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    K'un-Lun's most valued and feared warrior, Lei Kung has spent millennia training young men to defeat the dragon Shou Loa and achieve the powers of Iron Fist. Despite this very few actually managed to achieve the power and even his own son Davos failed in his attempt and became the super-villain known as Steel Serpent. Eventually Daniel Rand-Kai, son of Wendell the man who defeated Davos in year past, managed to defeat the Dragon and obtain the power. However, Master Khan was angered over the death of his dragon and stated that Daniel's life was forfeit until Lei Kung intervened and saved his life. Lei Kung was also amongst the people that helped save Iron Fist when he was captured by the H'ylthri and when Davos eventually took the power of the Iron Fist and returned to K'un-Lun it was The Thunderer who brought Danny into the city to defeat his son and hopefully redeem him. He was seen most recently telling Iron Fist and the Steel Serpent that their place was at the city of K'un-Lun to prepare for a tournament amongst immortals. Lei Kung's symbol is an I Ching hexagram of Radiance.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lei Kung is Grand Master of K'un-Lun Martial arts. Lei Kung is in top physical shape. He has shown through the years that he isn't any ordinary Fighter. He went toe to toe with Prince Namor and Chiantang the Black Dragon showing abnormal strength and speed.


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