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    The Legionary is a vigilante super-hero from Italy inspired by the story of Batman. He had a love for history and the armies of Rome’s ancient past, so inspired by their bravery, he took the name Legionary. He became widely known as the heroic protector of Rome.

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    The Legionary became widely known as the heroic protector of Rome, and acquired a foe in Charlie Caligula. However, the Legionary was eventually bought off by Rome's criminal lords, and in exchange for financially rewards, he purposely began to detract from hero-ing to allow the criminals to operator.

    He continued to take bribes and eventually retired from the Club of Heroes (a crime fighting organization he used to be apart of). Years later, he had begun to succumbed guilt and eventually told the world of his past exploits in the popular press.

    As part of John Mayhew's contract with the Black Glove, he convinced the Wingman to kill the Legionary by stabbing him twenty-three times (in the style of Julius Caesar).


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