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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 1984.

    Volume 3

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    Starring: The Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Runs in tandem with: Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes (reprinted issues 326-354).

    Annuals: Legion of Super-Heroes Annual.

    The Legion of Super Heroes had been around since the late 1950's but the legendary teens from the future had never starred in their own all - new first issue. The Legion had instead bounced around the pages of Adventure Comics and Superboy, finally taking over the latter series' title in 1973, a year in which they also starred in a four issue series featuring reprinted Legion tales from Adventure Comics. However. the team had never been treated to the prestige and sales potential of a traditional debut issue. So as DC began to toy with the idea of relaunching some of their more popular titles using high quality Baxter paper, the Legion of Super Heroes was an obvious choice. Utilizing the talents of writer Paul Levitz and artist Keith Giffen, fan favourite creators ever since their fabled 1982 epic, "The Great Darkness Saga," the Legion was off and running with their own new title with a major new storyline. The debut issue and story arc introduced a newly united Legion of Super-Villains, a concept that had been building since the LSH was born and a battle royal between the two Legions ensued. The Baxter series ran for sixty three issues until its next relaunch and remains the high point of the Legion's career in the eyes of many fans.

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