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(Issue was sold in October, dated December)

Circe has been placed on the throne of New Themyscira as its Regent while Xenobia, the true Princess is too young to rule. Circe kidnaps Xenobia who is missed by her girl friends in the Legion of Superheroes that were planning a trip together.

Triplicate Girl, Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl head to New Themyscira to find their friend. Circe traps them in them same containment cell as Xeno. The boys of the Legion can't resist a planet full of women and head there only to find that they are not welcomed with open arms. After a quick battle, the boys find the girls and free them.

Circe has her animorphing fun by turning all the boys into pigs, one of her favorite tricks. Circe is protected by a spell that prohibits other women from causing her any harm and with the boys turned into pigs, it looks like the Legion girls have to come up with a clever plan to defeat their foe. The girls use the superpigs more like handheld weapons and fire upon Circe, ultimately defeating her.

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