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The Clubhouse on Legs
The Clubhouse on Legs

The Legion of Superheroes use their future technology to the fullest. This is heavily apparent in the design and function of the different headquarters. In addition to top of the line technology, some of their bases have been able to relocate themselves, fly pieces into space, and even been run by an artificial intelligence (Computo).

The Legion's first headquarters was the upturned rocket shaped clubhouse that was situated in Smallville. It was revealed this first meeting place was actually Fortress Lad who assumed the shape. Over the years they moved to Metropolis. Brainiac 5 was prone to destroying the headquarters with his volatile experiments. In the 1984 series he blew up the headquarters with himself and Danielle Foccart inside. He was flung out to be saved by Bouncing Boy. The Headquarters went on to rebuild itself with Danielle Foccart safe in bed. In Superman and the Legion of Superheroes the Clubhouse rocket was still around in Metropolis but had been ransacked by Earth authorities. In Legion of Three Worlds this clubhouse had been restored to fully functioning order.

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