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    The Distorter functions by projecting a holographic disguise over the user, reconfiguring the Legionnaire’s appearance and clothing to whatever specifications the distorter has stored in its memory.

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    A Distorter is a piece of 31st century technology used by the Legion of Superheroes. It's function is to create a generic disguise, one not duplicating any particular individual, can be programmed in, although not in the field. A distorter can also photograph someone and store their image for future use. Note that because the illusion is a hologram rather than a mental or mystical illusion, some forms of True Sight may not be deceived by them. By the same token, the Legion deals with many sentient species who do not operate by sight, and such lifeforms may not be deceived at all.

    A Distorter is a small 6” metal disk which the Legion uses for espionage and infiltration work. They are not part of a Legionnaire’s standard equipment, and are distributed only as needed for specific missions. They are available to universally recognized law enforcement agencies such as the Science Police and are available to the UP Military as well.


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