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"I Quit"

Francis Portela is on art duties and it looks amazing. I really like the way that he draws the 31st century tech and the Legion Head Quarters also looks good. I also really like how he draws the action scenes and I think that is shows how powerful the kick is. I also really like the way the characters look under his hand. The story is setting up for something huge. The Legion headquarters is under attack by creatures. I really like seeing them fight back and I also really like seeing some of the old characters back helping the Legion in a small way. I also really like how they are still trying to get back to the 21st century. I think that it is starting to become a huge arch and I think we will be seeing some huge revelations coming soon. 
This has been a problem for a while. The Legion of Super-Heroes is a huge team, and there is no way possible to tell a good story with the huge plot and the cast in on 20 pages. I know not a lot of people would pay extra for Legion, but I think that it needs more pages to get the story going and to feel like there was something accomplished in an issue. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
I'm a fan of the Legion and I think that we are going to get a huge story soon. With 2 mayor villains coming into the play there is no doubt that there is something going on. I think that people should read up a bit on the Legion and then come into this series. I think that people who like a lot of stuff going on and a whole lot of characters, this is perfect for you. I would recommend this to people who know about the Legion and want to get into them some more.

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