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“ENEMY MANIFEST.” Part five! “Hack the Infinity Net” finds Brainiac 5 uploading the Legionnaires into the Infinity Net for the sake of all existence!

It's the final issue! The climactic conclusion of the Universal Annihilation War is here and every Legionnaire, every reservist and even the United Planets' Young Heroes battle to save existence. Also featuring the return of Cosmic Boy, the death of a longtime Legionnaire and a gorgeous wraparound cover!

With alien destroyers and intruder planets wreaking havoc and spreading chaos in the United Planets systems, Brainiac 5 and Lightning Lad explains to a group of Legionnaires that the invaders aren't 'real' in the spiritual sense, merely avatars of beings living in virtual realm called the Infinity Net, and thus, there would be ultimately no use to fight the invasion as the invading forces can only create new avatars. As Atom Girl suggests finding and smashing the computer the invaders live in, Brainiac further explains that there's no mainframe hidden anywhere, instead the entire Universe is the 'computer' processing the Infinity Net. He claims that the only logical solution is for a strike team (present company) to go digital and enter the invader force's virtual realm; the group consisting of Lightning Lad, Gazelle, Star Boy, Ultra Boy, Invisible Kid, Saturn Girl and Atom Girl. Invisible Kid however, doesn't enter the Infinity Net, until Brainiac modifies his avatar to impress Gazelle, the girl Invisible Kid has a crush on (but has never been visible in front of before).

When Invisible Kid, in a slightly older and more muscular appearance, appears in the Net along with the other strike team members, Gazelle is says she's been dying to meet Invisible Kid ever since he saved her life on Triton. The other Legionnaires decide to humor Invisible Kid, while their group is being spotted by the native beings to the virtual realm. Brainiac, remaining in the physical universe, alerts the strike team that they should hurry as the alien destroyers are attacking the Legion Headquarters. After fighting the strike team of Legionnaires, the Infinity Net's ruling class ceases fire and allows their United Planets representant Lafong (whose life force had been transferred from the physical universe into the Net earlier) to negotiate with the Legionnaires. Lafong explains that the Net residents were one of the first intelligent species to ever evolve in the physical universe, but came to regard physical existence as inherently evil, and thus created their own reality that they could control and are planning to destroy all life in the physical universe, while still allowing 'interesting' or 'worthy' life forms to live peacefully in the Infinity Net under their rule. Lafong reveals that she lied to the Net Imperiatrix, and that instead of trying to negotiate peace, she would instead encourage the Legionnaires to fight. Lafong's spirit is then immediately deleted by the Imperiatrix for treason, and she proceeds to declare United Planets unworthy of the Infinity Net.

Gazelle tells Invisible Kid it's a shame that he ever had to go invisible with a face like his, only for him to awkwardly attempt to explain it's not his real one, when Lightning Lad alerts them of incoming troops. Legionnaires being overwhelmed by the invaders both in the physical universe and in the Infinity Net, Invisible Kid urges Brainiac to locate the coding he installed on his modified avatar and turn off the modifications, as it then wouldn't be far of a leap to not only remotely provide them with better defense (in form Brainiac's own force field technology) and also seize control of the Infinity Net's matrix. At all worlds in the physical universe, the invader units dies down immediately, even though Brainiac tells the Legionnaires that they're going to have a lot to repair. Gazelle then promptly hugs Invisible Kid, despite being dissappointed in him for tricking her (and how!). When asked how soon they can return to reality, Brainaic looks over at their bodies that had previously been smashed by destroyer units and tells them there'll be a few problems.

A week later, new, cloned bodies of the strike team Legionnaires are finished and ready to be re-entered by their spirits trapped in the Infinity Net. Phantom Girl questions if those aren't "just copies" and not actually "them", to which Brainiac argues as all bodies continually shed cells and regenerate, just about everybody copies themselves many times over since they're born. Once the apparently successful body/mind download is finished, Brainiac attempts to use the same technology to download another soul that had been trapped in his own mind for some time, and transfer it into a new, cloned body as well - Dream Girl. Successful as well, the Legionnaires are astounded that Brainiac had been right the whole time about Dream Girl having somehow survived, and are promptly invited to Dream Girl's and Brainiac's approaching wedding.

Despite the solicitation for this issue, no Legionnaire dies (permanently) in the issue, and neither does Cosmic Boy return.


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