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Sent The Dominators to THeir Room Like Children

The Good: After a convoluted series of fluctuation plot directions, the conclusion to this arc is hilariously epic. The Legion fly out, and tell the Dominators to go away. That's right, they put them in a political 'time-out.' But the Dominators obeyed, which makes the Legion kind of epic for once.
The art's not the best, but it's not bad.

The Bad: So there's Element Lad... and Chemical Lad. Leaving aside the fact that having 'Lad' in your superhero name without irony is just about the easiest way to have a stupid name; the difference in their powers is...... barely anything? Element Lad walks Chemical Lad through exactly what he has to do, mentioning how certain things help him when he does that So why COULDN'T he do it? He mentioned something about not knowing Daxam physiology and then walked Chemical Lad right through the exact delicate procedure! What? Also, how did they even get to the point where the issue started? The gap between issues is awkward as hell.
Lightning Lass has an absolutely horrendous costume. It's a long shirt that barely qualifies as a miniskirt. And no pants. Oh, and the shirt has a missing section in the bottom of the front so you can blatantly see her panties. WHAT. THE. HELL
Chameleon Boy's an idiot. Let me run some of his logic by you. "Ok, being this guy and not speaking totally works. But hey, wait, let's try being a fly instead. It worked before and may or may not work now even though I've clearly though to myself how the original way totally worked." No prize for seeing it coming that changing shape from one that works to one that might work CAUSED THINGS TO GO TO SHIT. Oh, and in the process of fixing things he changed back to the previous form.
There's so many things going on in this series, I think they forgot to put in any foreshadowing or context into some of these twists. Or maybe I just forgot the setup becuase TOO MUCH HAPPENS and it's either too confusing or too boring for me to care.
So there's this whole heartwarming conversation at the end about how Mon-El was himself again after being very 'not himself' for a while lately. Except, I'm a new reader, and I have no idea who Mon-El is. I barely know ANY of the characters because none of them have any room for characterization considering how many there are.
In Conclusion: 1.5/5
Ha ha. I loved the ending so much. But the rest of the issue left a lot to be desired. A lot of these problems probably don't arise if you know the Legion, so if you know the Legion you'll probably enjoy this, but I can't recommend this to anyone not already a fan. I'm certainly not, and if most Legion is like this I never will be.

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