Legion of Super-Heroes #37

    Legion of Super-Heroes » Legion of Super-Heroes #37 - A Twist in Time released by DC Comics on August 1, 1987.

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    Beginning the 4-part epic Superboy crossover that answers the paradoxes created by events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths! The Legionnaires journey ahead through the time stream to battle the Time Trapper at the end of time...but wind up as guests of Superboy in Smallville, U.S.A. instead! Continued in Superman #8 (1987 2nd Series).

    Part 1 of 4:

    Continues in Superman #8.

    The Legion of Super-Heroes learn of the recent machinations of the Time Trapper and decide to journey to the end of time, where the Time Trapper resided within his citadel, to defeat him. However, when traveling through the time barrier, they find themselves in the past instead of the future. They land in Smallville, the home of Superboy, and are perplexed since Superman's history was altered and he was never actually Superboy. Some Legionnaires go to meet up with Superboy while some others stay at the time bubble. The Legionnaires find Superboy and are placed in stasis due to a beam that Superboy shoots them with. Pete Ross, an honorary Legionnaire, races to the time bubble to inform the remaining Legionnaires that they need to leave immediately. They do, finding Superboy trailing them with the stasis beam, and realize that he is their foe.


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