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A new Fatal Five are in the making and the mystery behind Sensor Girl mounts!

Story 1: Obsession

A group of Legionnaires escort a group of super-powered villains, including members of the Legion of Super-Villains, to a new prison facility. The villains decide to stage an uprising on the star ship and fight the Legionnaires. Before too long, it is revealed that the Emerald Empress is behind the upstaging as she is looking for new members to join a new Fatal Five. Sensor Girl arrives in the star ship, without having been called, to assist her fellow teammates. Her intervention caused the Legion to get the upper hand. Emerald Empress was impressed with Sensor Girl and asked her to join her Fatal Five, and Sensor Girl refused, even causing the Emerald Eye to cower. In the ensuing melee, Emerald Empress decides to take Persuader with her as she makes a hasty retreat. Meanwhile, Brainiac 5 is obsessed with the idea that Sensor Girl is actually Supergirl brought back from the dead. Also, Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl, along with Shadow Lass and Mon-El, go for a romantic getaway.

Story 2: Training Session

Quislet and Wildfire undergo some Legion training when Quislet is able to show Wildfire how to shape his energy form and perhaps one day not rely on his containment suit.


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