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What is going on here?

This will actually be more commentary than review. I like the story and gave it 5 stars..though if I could I'd have given it 4.5.

The main thing it has going for it is intrigue. The Promethean Giant killing everyone because he has an itch seems a bit of a campy stretch, but I wonder if Polar Boy and Invisible Kid really are dead. This would mean PG's first trip as leader is a total failure (in her eyes.) Though nothing that's happened is her fault. Meanwhile her beau of many years, Ultra Boy has been swept off Rimbor and right into Validus' lap (along with Chameleon) It's been awhile since I felt "bad" for any single Legionnaire, but I really feel bad for PG now.

Mon-El has taken a beating from Emerald Empress. Not sure how I feel about her saying "I" the pronoun like "Eye" the body part, but in her case, makes sense, as the Eye has always seemed to possess it's owner.

Bottom line is: The Legion has never had their butts kicked as badly as they have the last three issues. So, are they getting ready to cancel the series? (It doesn't sell well, I doubt anyone will even see my review here.) Or is this a new kind of re-boot? Trim the roster down as to make writing the book easier? (Trust me, it's hard to juggle 20+ characters. You never see the JLA or Avengers roster this full.) Guess we will have to wait and see. The Legion is the reason I got back into comics in the 1980's, and I'd hate to see them go.

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